Visual Communications  |  John Blood & Elizabeth Danze
Given the great opportunity to travel through Western and Central Europe, I was able to dedicate time specifically to sketching some of my favorite architectural works in detail. Previously, only using this medium for small time process work, I am now able to realize the great potential it has within the architectural realm.

Ronchamp Chapel in France

Borneo Sporenburg Townhomes

Housing in Rotterdamn, Netherlands

Neuer Zollhof by Frank Gehry

Site Section in Dusseldorf, Germany

Axonometric Section of Stuttgarts Municipal Library

Brengenz Chapel (Plan, Section, Elevation)

Pinault Foundation Museum in Venice, Italy (Perspective Section)

Pinault Foundation in Venice, Italy (Plans)

Mark Tower Section - Venice, Italy

Venice Church Dome Study

Venice Bridge Study

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