Advanced Studio  |  Igor Siddiqui
Intermediate project during our Time Capsule studio that inspired our attempt at creating a program that helps, mitigates and relates to strain of natural disasters. Creating a Torus object was our method of a deployable premade module units that encapsulates a safe space for many different types of events around the world.
A Torus shaped unit, that is sliced into multiple wedges, each wedge serving specific purposes and allowing a change in scale and organization.
Each instance of the object ranged from multiple scales: voting venue (small), extended hospital (medium), and supporting a forest fire (large)
Wrapping our minds around the idea of building a time capsule, we depicted these units in a dystopian society of 5020, made to support using heaving materials creating longevity in its life span. Acting as consistent safe haven, even in the far future where society around it has fallen.
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