Intermediate 4  |  Johanna Reed
This project was a speculative approach at developing a chapel for the historic residents of Espada. It not only allowed a play with a new medium, pastel, but gave freedom to form and expression of material. As a second year student, this is one of my first real attempts at the usage of curvature and materiality inside and out.
Being at the edge of the site the chapel itself resides nestled in the vast array of trees while the auxiliary program, such as office space or prayer rooms, rest on the inside of the site. Giving the chapel spaces and ease of access while giving appearance of a protected sanctuary. 
Creating a sun study and analysis of the site, I was able to get a better picture of site organization while not obstructing current standards.
Within the site section and detailed section, I was able to express heavily this new medium of pastel with shading and coloring, all done by hand.
Using materiality, the two main entrances of the building are capped in heavy stone, along with the entry to the chapel itself. These entry walkways give off a deeper meaning to the procession of entering this holy space. The thickness and textural feel of the stone along the entryways evoke a higher meaning of crossing through these thresholds and mimic the ruins of the Espada site bordering walls.
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